“Unconditional Love: A Mother’s Unwavering Devotion to her Six-Legged Prodigy”

On April 13th, a newborn baby with a congenital defect was delivered at Sukkur Hospital in Pakistan. The baby’s father, Mr. Imran Sheikh, was surprised to learn that his son had six legs due to the deformity. However, the medical professionals at the hospital reassured him that performing surgery to remove the extra limbs is not a challenging task.

In Pakistan, a newborn baby boy was born with six legs. However, the good news is that the doctors have reported that the baby boy is in good health despite his birth defect. The medical team has taken all necessary measures to ensure that the baby is protected from any infections.

Currently, the biggest concern is that the family of Mr. Imran Sheikh is unable to cover the expenses for the required surgery to amputate the additional leg. According to Mr. Imran, he earns only 67 USD per month, which makes it impossible for them to afford the treatment for their infant.

According to Dr Muhammad Qaisar from the Institute of Medical Engineering in Islamabad, Pakistan has witnessed its first-ever case of a baby born with six legs. The baby’s father, Imran Sheikh, has taken him home and is seeking assistance from donors and non-governmental organizations.

Although the baby was born with a birth defect, they are in good health.

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