“Unapologetic Kylie Jenner Rocks a Black Bikini on a Beach Day, Despite Regretting Past Plastic Surgery: ‘Let’s Have Summer All Year Round!'”

Kylie Jenner is taking a trip down memory lane by looking at photos from her recent tropical vacations. The 26-year-old star of the Kardashian family celebrated her birthday by going on a beach getaway and has now shared two new snaps from her trip. The pictures show Kylie wearing a string triangle top and cheeky bottoms, taken from a distance. In one photo, she is running her hands through her wet hair while in the other, she’s seen gazing out to sea. Kylie captioned the post, “Summer all year long pleassee.”

Mermaid vibes: Kylie Jenner is reminiscing about her recent tropical vacations and reliving moments through photos. The Kardashians star, 26, celebrated her birthday with the beach getaway and shared two new snaps from her trip

Kylie Jenner is looking back on her recent tropical vacation and reliving the moments through photos. The reality TV star celebrated her birthday with a beach getaway, and she has shared two new snaps from her trip. One photo shows her standing in shallow water in the ocean with the green and hilly shoreline behind her. Over the summer, Kylie has shared several bikini photos with her followers. She recently admitted to undergoing cosmetic surgery, including a breast augmentation when she was 19. She expressed regret over going under the knife and advised anyone thinking about it to wait until after having children. Kylie also said that she wouldn’t want her daughter, Stormi, to have plastic surgery at 19 and wishes she could do everything differently. The star has debunked rumors that she had work done on her entire face, stating that she has only had fillers and always loved herself.

Beach babe: Both photos were taken from a distance with her wearing a string triangle top and cheeky bottoms. In one photo, she runs her hands through her wet hair and in the other, she looks away from camera and out to sea

The pictures show a beautiful woman at the beach, captured from a distance. She is wearing a triangle top and cheeky bottoms which accentuate her figure. In one photo, she runs her fingers through her wet hair, while in the other one she gazes out to sea with her back turned towards the camera.

Beautiful view: She shared a glimpse into her vacation in her Instagram Story as well

She gave her followers a sneak peek of her getaway through an Instagram Story, showcasing the breathtaking scenery.

She expressed that she does not want photo editing to play a role in her life story. In a previous episode of The Kardashians, she had a sincere discussion with her sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian about the effect of beauty standards and their own struggles with body image. She confessed to having used various photo editing tools and filters in the past to modify her appearance and acknowledged the significant influence they hold. She questioned how they were using their power and highlighted the prevalence of edited photos among young girls on the internet. While she has moved beyond that phase, she recognized that others can easily trigger insecurities in oneself.

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