The Incredible Journey of India’s ‘Snake Boy’ to the Olympics – Prepare to be Amazed!

A young teenager from India, known as “Snake Man,” has gained a lot of attention due to his incredible flexibility. Aditya Kumar Jagum, just 13 years old, has impressed many people in the town of Ratnagiri, located in the state of Maharashtra, India, with his ability to bend and contort his body like a snake.

The young lad, known as “Spake Man”, has dedicated eight years to enhancing his flexibility and advancing his yoga abilities.

Aditya has mastered the art of brushing his teeth while upside down, and it comes easily to him.

Coach Mangesh Kopker has a vision of training Aditya to become a globally renowned contortionist in the future.

According to Aditya, he received training from his instructor in flexibility skills and even learned how to execute complex poses like the one demonstrated.

The young teenager, full of joy, proudly showcased his impressive flexibility abilities to those in his community, including neighbors, classmates and fellow residents of the town where he and his family resided.

Aditya has been receiving flexibility training from his trainer, Mangesh Kopker, for a span of eight years.

Aditya aims to make it into the Guinness World Records to bring pride to his family and coach.

Aditya’s family members were casually drinking water while he demonstrated his flexibility by contorting his body.

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