“Sunset Serenade: Kylie Jenner Flaunts Curves in White Corset Dress on Italian Family Getaway”

During her luxurious Italian getaway, Kylie Jenner looked stunning while enjoying a sunset picnic. The 26-year-old Kylie Cosmetics founder wore a beautiful white lace-up corset dress that accentuated her recently revealed implanted bust. Her flowing brunette hair was down, and her complexion was sun-kissed, with light, natural makeup instead of her usual full glam. Kylie relaxed on a blanket in a lush meadow, with a romantic-looking garment that had a flowy, sheer skirt that pooled around her. A brown wicker picnic basket filled with fresh fruits, pastries, and expensive wine sat next to her, with two glasses visible in the photos. She also held a bouquet of flowers, which made fans speculate if she was on a date with Timothee Chalamet.

Sunset picnic: Kylie Jenner looked absolutely stunning while enjoying a sunset picnic during her lavish Italian getaway

Kylie Jenner seemed to be having a great time during her luxurious Italian vacation as she was spotted looking gorgeous while having a picnic during the sunset.

Busty: The Kylie Cosmetics founder, 26, slipped into a white lace-up corset dress that propped up her ample bust ¿ which she recently revealed are implants

Kylie Jenner flaunted her curves in a white lace-up corset dress that accentuated her busty figure. The entrepreneur recently revealed that she had breast implants. Besides her, two pillows were also seen laid down together. Kylie’s rumored beau, Lady Bird actor, has been seen on low-key dates with her around Los Angeles since January. Sources claim that they met during a fashion show in Paris. Currently, Kylie is enjoying a family vacation in Italy accompanied by her sister, Khloe Kardashian, and mother, Kris Jenner. The sisters’ daughters, Stormi and True, are also there. Kylie shared photos of her trip on social media, showcasing her natural beauty without her typical glamorous look. The group arrived in Perugia, Italy last week via private jet to celebrate Kylie’s 26th birthday.

Beauty: Kylie's flowing brunette hair was worn down and her complexion was noticeably sun-kissed. Instead of her full glam, she kept her makeup light and natural

Kylie exuded beauty with her luscious brown locks cascading down, and her sun-kissed skin adding to her natural radiance. Opting for a more subtle makeup look, she went for a light and fresh appearance instead of her usual full-on glam.

Romantic: Her romantic-looking garment had a flowy, sheer skirt that pooled around her as she relaxed on a blanket in a lush meadow

The woman wore a garment that exuded romance, with its flowing and sheer skirt that draped around her as she lounged on a cozy blanket in a verdant meadow.

She sat beside a brown wicker picnic basket that was filled with fresh fruit, pastries and bottles of expensive wine

Kylie was seated next to a picnic basket made of brown wicker, which was brimming with fresh fruits, delectable pastries, and bottles of high-end wine. The mother-of-two snapped consecutive selfies while sitting at an outdoor table, showcasing her signature pout. Her natural freckles, stunning long lashes, and raven hair’s undulating natural waves were also highlighted in the shots. She struck various poses, including putting her hand under her chin before flashing a smile. Additionally, Kylie appeared to be enjoying her vacation thoroughly, as evidenced by another set of photos where she sipped on a drink while admiring the breathtaking views. She lounged on a green chair with a woven purse by her side and a glass in hand. Throughout the week, she enlisted the help of her older sister Khloe to be her personal photographer. Consequently, Khloe snapped an impressive shot of Kylie strolling through a scenic pathway with her back to the camera. In that same picture, Kylie was surrounded by luscious greenery and a clear blue sky above her. In addition to showcasing her understated makeup and fashion, Kylie also gave her followers a glimpse of what she had been eating during her trip.

Come along! She also let fans in on the vacation over the weekend by sharing a slideshow of photos she's taken this week

Join in on the fun! She gave her fans a glimpse of her vacation by posting a collection of pictures she captured during her escapades last weekend.

Natural: Instead of her typical glam appearance, Kylie looked fresh with minimal makeup in selfies snapped outdoors

Kylie opted for a more natural look in her outdoor selfies, straying away from her usual glamorous appearance with minimal makeup.

She strolled the area in a pair of comfy blue jeans  and a flowy white blouse

She leisurely walked around the vicinity wearing a comfortable denim pants and a loose-fitting ivory top.

Cocktail Time: While laying down in the green cushioned lounge chair, Jenner held a cocktail glass with a yellow drink in her hands

Green Cushions: The 26-year-old shut her eyes and lay down on a green lounge chair

Within the collection of photographs shared on her Instagram page, the 26-year-old included a pair of pictures in which she can be seen unwinding in a comfortable lounge chair.

The View: This scenic shot showed the clear blue swimming pool in the backyard of the property that Jenner was staying at, with several green tress in the background

From this picturesque angle, a stunning view of the backyard swimming pool is revealed, with sparkling clear blue water that compliments the lush greenery of several trees in the background. It’s apparent that Jenner’s temporary residence boasts an idyllic outdoor space for relaxation and unwinding.

Aperol Spritz: A glass bottle of Coca Cola and two glasses of Aperol Spritzes were among the drinks seen on the table full of food that was included in Jenner's Instagram post

In a recent Instagram post, Jenner shared a photo of a table filled with scrumptious bread, fresh veggies, and cocktails that she and her companions enjoyed for lunch. The drinks included two glasses of Aperol Spritzes and a glass bottle of Coca Cola. Although it isn’t clear where she was vacationing, it appears that the 26-year-old was in Perugia, Italy. She arrived at the local airport with her sister Khloé Kardashian, 39, and Khloe’s daughter True Thompson, five, on Tuesday. The trio seemed thrilled to be in Perugia, which is renowned for its historic landmarks, palaces, and chocolate. Kylie, Khloé, and True’s sighting happened just five days after Kylie’s 26th birthday celebration. It remains uncertain whether Kylie’s children Stormi, five, and Aire, one, accompanied their mom, aunt, and cousin on the trip. The rapper Travis Scott is the father of both of her children.

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