Summer Sunburst: Popular Names for Boys and Girls in the Sunny Season

Bringing a new life into the world is a blessing and a wonder, no matter the season. However, summer brings with it a unique charm and joy that cannot be compared to any other time of the year. The warm weather, family outings, fresh air, and lush greenery create a delightful atmosphere that lifts everyone’s spirits. It’s only fitting then that you draw inspiration from this enchanting season when choosing a name for your baby. While selecting a name for your child may seem overwhelming, especially with the many options available, it doesn’t have to be a burden. If you adore the summer season or are expecting a baby during this time, why not let nature guide you in selecting the perfect name? Here are some of the best summer-inspired names for your new bundle of joy, whether you’re having a boy or girl. Keep reading to find out more!

Let’s start with the beautiful name Ariel, which was popularized by Disney’s Little Mermaid character. It brings to mind images of the ocean and mermaids, making it a perfect summer name. Interestingly, the name Ariel was originally meant for males and comes from Hebrew, meaning “Lion of God.” This name can be used for both boys and girls and spelled in different ways like Arrielle, Arial, Arriel, and Aerielle.

Another gender-neutral name that invokes summertime is Azure. Its origin is French, and it means “sky blue,” representing the clear blue skies of summer. Azure is a specific shade of blue between cyan and blue on the color wheel, making it a perfect name for a child born on a beautiful summer day.

Lastly, we have Finn, a name that has Irish origins and means “fair-haired.” It’s a classic and popular name that is perfect for a summer baby. Finn brings to mind images of adventure and fun in the sun, making it a great choice for parents looking for a strong and timeless name for their child.

Looking for a perfect beach-inspired name for your son? Consider Finn, a name that originated in both Finland and Ireland and means “fair.” Although it was anglicized from the Irish name Fionn, which was associated with a legendary warrior and folk hero, it also evokes images of ocean fish, surfing, and other summertime activities. It’s a laid-back moniker that’s perfect for a summer baby.

If you prefer a more conventional name that still has a tropical feel and is indirectly related to the name Sean, consider Sebastian. This name has a Greek origin and means “venerable” or “revered.” It also has Latin origins derived from the word Sebastianus, meaning “from Sebaste,” an ancient Greek place name. The name reminds us of the beautiful Greek islands and cities, making it perfect for a beach-loving family. Additionally, it’s the name of the popular character Sebastian the crustacean from The Little Mermaid.

Another option is Tallulah, a Native American name that means “leaping water.” It’s a perfect choice for parents who love the ocean and want to give their child a unique and meaningful name. Tallulah also has a fun and playful sound, making it perfect for a little boy with a big personality.

Looking for a unique and meaningful name for your little one? How about this beautiful Native American name that means “leaping water” or “woman of abundance”? This name, with its depiction of bounding water, is perfect for a free-spirited and invigorating personality, just like the summer season. While this name also has Irish origins and was borne by two Saints, it is a great choice for your summertime sweetheart.

If you want a name that embodies the spirit of California summers, consider naming your baby Cali, an abbreviation for the state’s name. California is the ultimate summer destination, with its sunny weather, beaches, and surfers. This gender-neutral name is perfect for both boys and girls who embody the carefree and joyful atmosphere of summer.

For a unique and timeless name, look no further than Magnolia. This name has a Southern charm and is the name of a beautiful flowering tree. The Magnolia symbolizes strength, beauty, and purity. It is a great name for parents who are looking for something classic and elegant yet still has a touch of summertime spirit.

The Magnolia flower is a well-known symbol of beauty and elegance. However, this plant species has been in existence for millions of years. It’s safe to say that the name Magnolia has been around for a very long time. The term Magnolia originated from the Latin word Magnolius, which means “of high excellence.” French botanist Pierre Magnol gave the name to the tree in the 17th century. In the 18th century, Magnolia became a popular name for baby girls in the United States. The blooming of Magnolia trees and flowers is a quintessential sign of midsummer. Therefore, it can be a perfect name for your newborn daughter.

There are plenty of midsummer inspirations that can be used as beautiful baby names. Names don’t always have to be serious; sometimes, they can simply remind us of the beautiful season we all look forward to!

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