Meet Richie Lopez – the baby who was born WITHOUT EYES.

Richie Lopez has anophthalmia but his parents are holding out hope that one day he will be able to see

Meet Richie Lopez – the baby who was born WITHOUT EYES.

When the mite was delivered, doctors initially thought his eyelids would not open because his face was swollen.


However, they were stunned to discover that the reason he could not open his eyes was because he didn’t have any – an extremely rare condition called anophthalmia.

The lad’s mum Kelly Lopez had a normal pregnancy but became worried after almost two weeks passed without her son opening his eyes.

He was eventually diagnosed with anophthalmia in an MRI scan 13 days after he was born at Banner Desert Medical Center, in Arizona, US.Richie LopezRare condition: Richie Lopez has anophthalmia (

“By the time we left, I think every single nurse had cried with us,” she told KTLA.

Mrs Lopez and her husband are optimistic that with advances in science Richie – who is now three months old – will one day be able to see.

“I know that researchers are testing it and doing what they can, but I do hope that, one day, they’ll be able to grow an eye or transplant an eye.’

For now, the couple are helping their son with special toys and development programs.

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