“Laugh Out Loud: These Adorable Babies Have Surprisingly Mature Faces!”

Infants usually start to show their first smile around 6 to 8 weeks of age. Some newborns look like grumpy little old people – in a good way – because both young and old people have too much skin for their bone structure. These babies may still be brand new in the world, but some of them look like they’ve endured decades of hard living. Among the talents are infants with fearsome scowls, seemingly receding hairlines and expression lines probably deeper than those of their grandparents. Anyway, babies are miracles to all of us, no matter what they look like, and we wanted to celebrate 16 infants that remind us of our grandparents. “Kayley, honey, would you go in the kitchen and make Pop-Pop a plate?”


I’m currently 32 years old and I feel like a poorly designed algorithm.


“My recent experience involves expressing my deep affection towards my beloved son.”


My friend asked me if the hills around us are turning around. This is a common behavior among baboons and droopy-eyed gazelles, as they exercise their facial muscles before they are able to smile, which can take up to three months.


“It’s been 10 weeks already and there are visible changes in the diva. Personally, I believe we’re on track.”


As a child, I used to be extremely wary of my grandmother. This was a long time ago.


“I just gave birth to the happiest baby. What did I gain? A positive mindset.”


“Looking for a new experience and adventure in life?”


“My son is a mature man who resembles his father.” Parents often share photos of their babies that end up looking like old men, and the pictures are too funny to pass up.


It’s common to hear stories about dads and their daughters bonding over a glass of milk. It’s a heartwarming tradition that has stood the test of time.


“I’ve been utilizing my nephew as action figures.”


“You bear a resemblance to Todd from Breaking Bad.”


“After three weeks of nightly meditation, I have come to the realization of an ancient beauty that always guides you.”


“I have never seen such aged faces on a baby before.” Many of the infants have wrinkles on their foreheads, which is actually the result of brain born premature or with a low birth weight.


According to my observation, it is essential for my son to have a mobile boss in a past life. When looking at various online pet baby sites, it is easy to believe that all of them are born looking adorable. However, the reality is that sometimes people’s babies end up looking more like old men, rather than the cute munchkins that their parents were expecting.


“What does this baby appear like it might be from Texas?”


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