Katy Perry’s Music Press Conference Look: A Pop Princess in Pink Polka Dots and Fluffy Heels in Mumbai

Katy Perry is all set to rule the music charts with her new track Harleys in Hawaii. The singer recently attended a press conference for the OnePlus music festival in Mumbai, where she stunned in a pink polka dot mini dress by Stine Goya and paired it with fluffy pink heels. With her blonde locks styled into a high ponytail, Katy looked nothing less than a pop princess as she took the stage. It’s worth noting that Katy is engaged to Orlando Bloom, and we can’t wait to see the couple tie the knot soon!

Adorable: At the OnePlus music festival press conference in Mumbai, Katy Perry looked like a true pop princess donning a charming pink polka dot mini dress and pairing it with fluffy heels on Tuesday.

Statement style: Her outfit had voluminous puff sleeves as she addressed the crowds

As Katy addressed the lively crowds, her attire featured puff sleeves that added volume to her outfit. She had just arrived in India a couple of hours before her first concert set to take place in Mumbai on November 16. Katy had expressed her excitement about the event when she first announced it earlier this year to IANS, stating, “I am thrilled to be coming back to India and headlining my very first performance in Mumbai.”

No jetlag here: Katy had touched down in India a few hours before taking to the stage ahead of her first ever concert which is set to take place in Mumbai on November 16

Katy arrived in India a few hours ago and immediately took to the stage for her debut concert in Mumbai on November 16. She seems to be adjusting well without any signs of jetlag.

Announcing her Mumbai concert earlier this year, Katy Perry had said told IANS: 'I am so happy to be returning to India and excited to headline my first-ever performance in Mumbai'

Adding: 'I am looking forward to seeing and singing with all of my Indian KatyCats at the OnePlus Music Festival'

Katy Perry had expressed her excitement to be back in India and perform for the first time in Mumbai when she announced her concert earlier this year.

Gorgeous: Her long blonde locks were styled into a high ponytail and she looked incredible as she took to the stage

Stunning: With her luscious, golden hair pulled back in a sleek and chic ponytail, she absolutely dazzled the crowd as she graced the stage.

Feeling happy: Katy had a big smile on her face as she took to the stage

Happiness is evident on Katy’s face as she steps onto the stage. She expresses her eagerness to meet her Indian fans and sing alongside them at the OnePlus Music Festival, fondly referring to them as KatyCats. Katy has previously visited India in 2010, where she tied the knot with Russell Brand, her ex-husband. Recently, she had a grand celebration for her 35th birthday by organizing a luxurious desert vacation in Egypt for 64 of her closest friends.

Looking good: Katy looked incredible as she took to the stage in her cute little outfit

Kitsch: The 35-year-old who is engaged to be married to Orlando Bloom, wore a pink mini polka dot dress teamed with fluffy pink heels on Tuesday

Katy’s appearance was simply stunning when she graced the stage in her adorable attire.

Taking to the stage: She gave it her all as she sang a little song on stage

Performing on stage: With full enthusiasm, she poured her heart out while singing a captivating melody to the audience.

Say a prayer: Katy clasped her hands together as she addressed the room with her pink engagement ring on show

Katy expressed her gratitude by clasping her hands together and leading the room in a prayer, flaunting her pretty pink engagement ring. The pop star celebrated her engagement in style with a delightful 10-day cruise down the River Nile. She indulged in some camel riding through the desert and basked in the breathtaking sunset over the pyramids, all of which she captured in numerous social media pictures. Bloom, her fiance, was also part of the entourage and shared several Instagram posts from their trip, including a romantic embrace with Katy, his future wife.

Looking good: She then dressed up in a loud and quirky outfit and was accompanied by Sri Lankan actress Jacqueline Fernandez

Appearing stylish: Afterwards, she donned a bold and eccentric ensemble while accompanied by Sri Lankan performer Jacqueline Fernandez.

Lovely: The pair clearly get along with one another well and clapped hands

How sweet: It’s obvious that the duo have a great rapport and exchanged a friendly round of applause.

Wow thing: Katy looked fabulously flawless in her Minnie Mouse inspired ensemble

That’s amazing: Katy was looking absolutely stunning in her outfit inspired by Minnie Mouse.

She took a photo with various attendees while standing on the stage that day, including some influential individuals.

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