“Katy Perry Stuns in Familiar Swimwear from Infamous Paddleboarding Adventure with Orlando Bloom During Fun-Filled Cabo Vacation”

Last year, Katy Perry surprised her followers when photos surfaced showing her paddleboarding with then-boyfriend Orlando Bloom in the nude. Recently, the singer was spotted at the beach in Cabo, Mexico wearing a familiar skimpy swimsuit. Although this time she was with her girlfriends, Katy still looked stunning as she showed off her figure on the sand. Watch the video below for more.

Bikini fun! There was no missing Katy Perry and her fantastic physique in Cabo, Mexico on Tuesday

Having a great time in Cabo, Mexico was Katy Perry, who was sporting a stunning bikini that showcased her amazing figure. It was impossible not to notice her as she enjoyed her day in the sun.

Her favorite bikini! Perry rocked the exact same swim suit while paddling boarding with her now ex Orlando Bloom back in August

Katy Perry was spotted flaunting her toned figure in her favorite tie-dye bikini while taking a leisurely walk on the beach. Fans might remember the same swimsuit from when she went paddle boarding with her ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom last August. Despite the breakup, Katy looked incredible and relaxed as she strolled barefoot in the sand. The bikini hugged her curves perfectly, revealing a hint of cleavage. To protect herself from the sun, she wore a stylish Buji Baja by Hat Attack floppy hat and a pair of sunglasses. The singer was all smiles as she enjoyed the company of her friends and splashed around in the waves.

Making a splash! The tie-dye bikini clung to her physique and showed off a hint of cleavage

Making a splash! The tie-dye bikini clung to her physique and showed off a hint of cleavage

She caused a stir with her tie-dye bikini that hugged her body and revealed a peek of her bust.

Life's a beach: Walking barefoot on the beach, Katy looked incredible and relaxed as she showcased her gorgeous figure once again

Strolling along the sandy shore with no shoes on, Katy appeared stunningly serene and effortlessly flaunted her beautiful physique. Life truly is a beach for her.

Fun in the sun! With a few concerts scheduled this month, Katy's getting in all the rest and relaxation she can get before heading back to work

Enjoying the sunny days! Katy has a couple of gigs lined up this month, but she’s making sure to soak up as much downtime as possible before getting back to the grind. When she’s not taking leisurely walks along the beach or dipping her toes in the crystal-clear ocean, she can be seen snuggled up in a cozy, oversized blue towel. Rocking a pair of flip flops, Katy is taking full advantage of her time off and enjoying some well-deserved R&R.

Catching some rays: Perry and a pal dipped their toes into the water 

Perry and a friend enjoyed soaking up some sun as they dipped their feet in the water.

Walk this way: The star looked incredible in her teeny bikini and the Start Me Up sunhat from Buji Baja by Hat Attack

Saunter along this path: The celebrity looked absolutely stunning in her petite swimsuit and the Start Me Up hat from Buji Baja by Hat Attack. She appeared completely content as she basked in the sun and absorbed the day’s pleasures. Katy’s fans can anticipate her upcoming performance at Wango Tango in California on May 14th.

Sun's out: When she wasn't strolling on the sand or wading into the turquoise blue waters, she had herself wrapped up in a big blue towel

Sun's out: When she wasn't strolling on the sand or wading into the turquoise blue waters, she had herself wrapped up in a big blue towel

It’s a sunny day and she’s enjoying her time at the beach. She alternates between walking on the soft sand and dipping her toes in the clear blue sea. When she needs a break from the sun, she cozies up in a large blue towel.

She's a dish: Katy has also recently released her latest single featuring hip hop group Migos, Bon Appétit 

Katy Perry has been making headlines with her latest single, “Bon Appétit,” which features the hip hop group Migos. She’s set to perform at Radio 1’s Big Weekend Hull 2017 on May 27 in England. After a four year break, Katy is also gearing up for the release of her new album, much to the excitement of her fans.

Back for more: The star is scheduled to perform at Wango Tango in California on May 14

Returning for another round: The celebrity has plans to take the stage once again at Wango Tango, a music festival in California, on May 14th.

Splish splash: Perry smiled as she approached the Pacific blue

Splish splash: Perry smiled as she approached the Pacific blue

Perry grinned as she made her way towards the beautiful Pacific ocean. When questioned about whether her upcoming album would include a comeback to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood, rumored to be aimed towards the two singers, she playfully deflected the question. “That’s not for me to answer,” she commented. “My new album is all about empowerment, there’s not one specific target in mind.” This could imply that there might be multiple messages directed towards various people on her fourth album, which still remains unnamed.

Having a blast! The Fireworks singer was living it up in Cabo 

Wow, what a great time! The talented artist behind the hit song “Fireworks” was clearly enjoying herself in Cabo. Katy Perry spoke candidly about the importance of kindness and how it should not be confused with weakness. In fact, she warned anyone who may underestimate her to think twice before coming for her. However, Perry made it clear that her message was not directed at any one person in particular. Rather, she believes in the power of female unity and how it can make a positive impact in the world. With that in mind, Perry ended her statement with a resounding call to action for all women to come together and make the world a better place.

Step by step: Katy carefully made her way through the rocky terrain 

Katy proceeded through the rough landscape with great care, one step at a time.

 Fun for everyone: Perry couldn't hide her delight as she splashed around with pals 

Having a blast: Perry was visibly overjoyed as she frolicked in the water with her friends. However, she did offer a word of caution, reminding everyone that every action has consequences that should not be overlooked. Her latest album is a testament to her desire to be heard and acknowledged, not just for herself but also for others. Interestingly, it has been reported that Katy has teamed up with Taylor’s former flame Calvin Harris for a new musical collaboration.

Cover up! The hit-maker cloaked herself in a long robe 

Get ready to shield your eyes! The music sensation wrapped herself in a flowing garment.

More to come: The star is also ready to release a new album after a four year hiatus

Exciting news for fans as the celebrity is gearing up to drop a fresh album, marking their return to the music scene after being away for four years. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling development!

Page turner: Katy shared a snap of herself rocking a slinky pink frock as she read The Destruction Of Hillary Clinton 

Katy uploaded a picture of herself in a chic pink dress while engrossed in reading The Destruction of Hillary Clinton. It seems like an engaging read that has captured her attention.

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