Incredible Abnormality: Infant Girl’s Arm Develops “Ear-Like” Growth.

In 2002, a ferret in Michigan bit off the ear, nostril, and part of the lip of a baby named Charlotte Ponce, who was only three months old at the time.

A photograph displays the stark contrast between baby Charlotte’s appearance before and after a gruesome incident involving the family pets. The unfortunate incident occurred when Charlotte’s parents left her home alone, and the pet ferret managed to escape from its cage and attack the helpless infant. Charlotte’s uncles, Sharon and Tim, were not initially aware of this horrific event until they saw it on the news. Following this tragic incident, they took custody of Charlotte and her brother Marshall.

Sharon, Tim and their squad have gathered a whopping $10,000 to provide for Charlotte’s medical needs. Sharon voluntarily left her job at the daycare center to focus all her energy on looking after Charlotte, who is living with them as their adopted daughter alongside their son Marshall.

Charlotte underwent a series of surgeries to reconstruct her face, with a minimum of 10 procedures. One of the surgeries, which took place in 2012, involved repairing her septum. Dr. Chiayasate was responsible for restoring Charlotte’s nose, and he observed that when he first met her, she lacked eye communication. However, over the past two years, Charlotte has gained confidence and undergone several positive changes.

In 2012, Charlotte underwent a nose transplant. Her adoptive mother, Sharon Ponce, revealed that Charlotte’s right visage was severely damaged by a ferret that also ripped off her right ear. As a result, Charlotte’s biggest wish was to be able to wear bracelets again. Although she previously used prosthetics, they were not effective as they caused entanglement and infections. Therefore, the doctors decided to create an ear lobe using Charlotte’s own lung cartilage and implanted it in her arm to complete the artificial ear.

Charlotte’s hand is shown in the image, delicately planting an artificial ear that was grown in a lab. The skilled surgeons at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan spent over seven hours carefully implanting the prosthetic ear back into its original position. Dr. Kongkrit Chiayasate, who personally conducted the transplant, reports that Charlotte is recovering well in the intensive care unit.

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