Grumpy Grandpas in Diapers: Hilarious Snaps of Serious Babies Looking Older Than They Are

These newborns may be fresh on this earth, but some of them already look like they’ve lived through a lifetime of hardships. A recent thread on Reddit called OldBabies has garnered plenty of attention, as users post pictures of their grumpy and wrinkled little ones. These snapshots feature babies with intimidating scowls, hairlines that appear to be receding, and wrinkles deeper than those of their own grandparents. Take a look at the video below to see some of these amusing images.

They grow up so fast! A new Reddit thread titled OldBabies, which invites users to submit photos of their wrinkly and disgruntled tots, has attracted scores of amusing snapshots

Time flies by quickly when it comes to watching babies grow up. A recent Reddit thread, named OldBabies, has gained popularity among users who share humorous pictures of their wrinkly and pouty infants. While many of these babies have furrowed foreheads, it’s essential to note that this is a common occurrence in premature or low birth weight babies. Moreover, the adorable grumpy expressions and sleepy eyes on these little ones are typical as they develop their facial muscles before the smiling stage, which can take up to three months. Some submitters jokingly claim that their babies are already losing hair, possibly because they spend too much time lying on their backs. Interestingly, one baby appears to have platinum hair that is long for a newborn. Even though the thread was started a few months ago, there has been a surge in submissions in the past week.

The youth of today! This baby's outfit, with his pants hiked up and his oversized bow tie, does a wonderful job of magnifying his grandpa aesthetic 

Isn’t it amazing how the younger generation dresses these days? Take a look at this adorable baby, sporting an outfit that’s both charming and vintage. His trousers are pulled up high, and his bow tie is delightfully oversized, giving him the distinct appearance of a stylish granddad.

Born negotiator: Don't miss with this little man, he's got business to attend to

This pint-sized individual is a natural when it comes to negotiating, so don’t underestimate him. He’s always on the lookout for opportunities to conduct business.

Side-eye: Hilarious frowns and droopy-eyed gazes are actually common as babies exercise their facial muscles before they are able to smile, at anywhere from one to three months

Babies often make hilarious facial expressions such as side-eye, frowns, and droopy-eyed gazes. These expressions are a result of them exercising their facial muscles before they learn to smile, which typically happens between the ages of one to three months.

Donald Trump called, he wants his toupee back: This little chap was born with a remarkable head of platinum blonde hair, which closely resembles that of the billionaire tycoon

The adorable youngster was blessed with a unique head of hair that bears a striking resemblance to the iconic platinum blonde toupee famously worn by Donald Trump.

The case of Benjamin Button: Wrinkled skin is actually, in most cases, the result of being born premature or with a low birth weight

Have you seen the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”? It’s a fascinating story about a man who ages in reverse, starting out old and becoming younger as time goes on. But did you know that wrinkled skin is not always a sign of aging? In fact, it can often be the result of being born premature or with a low birth weight. So next time you see someone with wrinkled skin, don’t assume they’re elderly – they might just have a unique backstory like Benjamin Button.

Perplexed? A rare smile, accompanied by a confused frown 

Feeling a bit baffled? You might find yourself with a rare combination of smiling and furrowed brow, indicating your confusion.

Having an existential moment: This newborn emerged with some deep contemplation to do

Experiencing an existential crisis: The recently born individual appeared to have some serious introspection to engage in.

Hair today, gone tomorrow: It is indeed common for infants to lose and regrow areas of their head fuzz 

When it comes to babies, losing and regrowing their fuzzy head is a pretty normal thing. So don’t worry if you see them shedding some hair!

It wasn't like this in my day: Someone is decidedly unimpressed

Back in my day, things were different: A person expresses their disapproval.

I'm too old for this rubbish: Yet another imposed wardrobe malfunction 

“I’m not feeling this anymore”: Dealing with yet another wardrobe change forced upon me.

Uh oh: Barely born and already worrying 

Oops! Just entered the world and already feeling anxious.

Tiring business: Red faced and wrinkled, this tiny newborn looks like it's already ready for retirement 

Exhausted Infant: With a face as red as a tomato and wrinkles that seem wise beyond its days, this petite baby appears to be ready for retirement before it even begins its journey in life.

Not having a good day: Probably time for a nap for this one

Having a rough day: It might be a good idea to take a quick snooze.

Enough! Young or old, we all have our rage blackouts 

Stop! Regardless of our age, we all experience moments of uncontrollable anger.

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