From Mother’s Oven to Royal Feast: The Sweet Splendor of Homemade Princess Cakes!

The two charming little girls were dressed in beautiful dresses and had the cutest expressions. All three mothers and their children had a blast taking photos with various cake concepts.

It’s every young girl’s dream to wear adorable dresses like princesses do in cartoons. Ms. Thuy Ngan from Hanoi, who is passionate about the beo cake style, took her own photos in this style and inspired her two young daughters as well.

Anh Thu (also known as Cherry, aged 7) and Ngoc Nhu (also known as Anna, aged 4) get super excited whenever their mother presents them with princess attire. The dresses they wear are based on flowing dress designs, often layered and made of chiffon fabric that gives the skirt a voluminous, spreading look with a gentle, sweet style.

Check out how lovely Baby Ngoc Nhu looks in her adorable princess dress!


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She appears to be adjusting perfectly and adores the taste of this type of duckweed cake. Her charm and looks emit a regal aura.


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Anh Thu, the sister of the person in the photograph on the left, is equally thrilled about donning a princess gown.

The two sisters look absolutely adorable in the photos captured by their mother. Ms. Ngan created the background at home, and the special dresses are usually worn for events or special occasions. However, Anh Thu and Ngoc Nhu get so excited about wearing them that they wish they could wear them all the time. Ms. Thuy Ngan is passionate about this style and loves to share it with her children, who happily cooperate and love princess dresses just like their mom. Every week, three moms and their kids brainstorm ideas and create their own backdrops and photo styles. The children have a blast taking playful photos together, and they never want to take off their skirts.



All the dresses are designed to add extra charm to the little ones. The selection process involves the mother and her two daughters, who even opt for matching outfits.

Little Ngoc Nhu was thrilled by the attire and demeanor of the maid and queen. They all praised her for her mesmerizing eyes and delightful cheeks.

The mother of two children, as seen in the picture on the right, is the creative genius behind their adorable photo shoots. With a deep passion for fashion, this young mother relishes the opportunity to dress her kids up in charming outfits that complement their personalities. Despite the demands of raising children, both Anh Thu and Ngoc Nhu are quite self-sufficient and spirited. The mother believes that if her children develop an affinity towards art, she and her family would be more than happy to encourage and support them.
Ms. Ngan’s captivating photographs of the children have attracted a lot of praise and admiration from people. The cute little models donning princess dresses have garnered many compliments, prompting other mothers to seek advice on where to buy similar attire for their daughters. Receiving such positive feedback from people fills Ngan with immense happiness and pride. She considers herself fortunate that her hobby has been so well received, and she feels delighted to have her children participate in it. As she puts it, “You will always be my beautiful princesses, regardless of what you wear. I hope you grow up to be healthy, obedient, and realize your dreams in the future.”

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