Deserted Infant: A Heartbreaking Tale of Neglect Caused by an Unusually Oversized Head

In India, a newborn named Royal Kumar was left by his biological parents due to their inability to cope with his condition. The infant’s head had enlarged to three times the size of a typical child due to hydrocephalus, a potentially deadly accumulation of brain fluid. The Daily Mail reported on this incident.

The 4-month-old infant suffered from a severe illness that caused her to display symptoms like vomiting, lethargy, and growth stunts. Sadly, her biological parents were unable to come to terms with this reality and deserted her. Nevertheless, the baby’s relative, Ms. Prabha Devi, aged 30, and her husband, Mr. Rajendra Prasad, aged 45, took it upon themselves to look after her. The compassionate duo went as far as using up their life savings in an attempt to help save the little one’s life.

Sister Devi shared her nervousness upon seeing the pitiful state of the boy. She often questioned why those who were impoverished had to endure such suffering. Several neighbors also expressed their confusion, prompting Sister Devi to explain that she took him in again despite his illness because he was a human being who needed care. She couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him to suffer alone and possibly perish. As time passed, the boy became like a son to her, and she vowed to do everything in her power to save him. He was now considered part of her family, and Sister Devi even sold her prized gold jewelry to pay for his medical treatment. Her dedication to the boy’s wellbeing knew no bounds.

Since she entered my life, she has been just like my other children. I treat all three of them equally and will continue to do so. Despite spending over £2,000 (200,000 rupees) on Royal’s treatment, his health has not improved. In an attempt to relieve the pressure on his skull caused by excess brain fluid, surgeons had previously inserted a device to remove the fluid and discharge it through his bloodstream. Mr. Devi, who earns a monthly salary of £50 (5000 rupees) as a laborer, was informed of the procedure performed at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Ranchi, India. Recently, doctors performed another operation on Royal to replace the old drainage device, which they believed had stopped functioning.

According to Dr. Chandra Bhushan Sahay, an associate professor of neurosurgery at the hospital, Royal was an abandoned case who received surgery free of charge. Previously, the boy had undergone surgery elsewhere, but the discharge device became stuck, requiring new equipment to be inserted into the other side of his brain. Upon arriving at the hospital, Royal experienced vomiting, lethargy, and abnormal development, but his condition has since improved. Dr. Sahay noted that the mortality rate for these cases is high due to abnormal body and brain development, and neglect further decreases the survival rate.

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